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In a lot of industries that use heavy machinery, components that can carry and transport heavy objects are widely used. That is why chains are always present in factories and other manufacturing sites. The Roller chain is one of the most commonly used in any type of production and manufacture industry.

A roller chain is made of small plates, bushings, and rollers that are interlinked together. They move around with the use of motors and sprockets. You can find many industries that use roller chains in Australia. This chain is used for many things like bikes, conveyor belts, and all sorts of machinery.
This is the kind of chain that you can trust for the carrying and transporting of your goods. 

There is such a great impact on using Roller Chains in Australia. They make your workload lighter and production better. Can you imagine working in a factory without any machines that use these chains? It would be such a pain.

The use of roller chains comes with plenty of benefits, too. First of all, they are very durable. Roller chains can carry a lot of things that weigh more than they do. They are also versatile. You will find that a lot of machines use the same kind of roller chain. They are also easy to add to your gears and sprockets. Most importantly, roller chains are affordable. With their strength and flexibility, it comes as a shock that roller chains are very inexpensive. 

This kind of chain is also easy to maintain. Constant lubrication can help extend the life of roller chains. It helps prevent corrosion and contamination. If you are looking for an industrial chain and sprocket supplier, trust that Mack Chain has everything you need. We can give you some of the best roller chains in Australia. Your chain and sprocket needs aren’t a problem with us. 


ANSI Roller Chain Number and Standard Size Chart


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