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Production facilities and other factories are effective and efficient when they're running at maximum capacity. But if conveyor chains are slow or problematic, efficiency and productivity may be significantly affected. 

Conveyor chains are a staple in many industries, where large quantities of goods need to be moved quickly from one location to another, such as transporting rocks from the quarry site

to taking recycled materials to the recycling plant.

They are also used in warehousing facilities to move heavy unit loads, industrial containers, and grid boxes.  

These chains are generally manufactured to different international standards.

Below are the main conveyor chain standards we have here at Mackchains

Our British Standard conveyor chain is manufactured in accordance with EU standards.

These chains look like the ANSI roller chains; it's just that their dimensions are different.

The standard design is based on the Renold Conveyor Chain.

To use these chains, a British Standard conveyor chain sprocket design may be required. 

Standard Conveyor Chain (2).jpg

Metric conveyor chains are widely used in extreme applications, such as sanitation systems and grain, power transmission, or cement conveyors. They are manufactured to international standards. With these chains' material composition and design, they are sure to stand up to extreme temperatures and loads and provide high wear resistance. 

Metric conveyor chains come in different series of chains, including single, double, and triple-strand metric roller chains. When lubricated properly, these chains provide a plethora of benefits, such as an economical operation with low consumption of energy, as well as variability. 

Standard Conveyor Chain (3).jpg

More and more companies are looking to use German conveyor chains because of their long service life. These powerful chains are designed to address the challenges in demanding markets. Engineers have even developed other German conveyor chain solutions for various tasks. 

Turn to Mackchain for your conveyor chain needs! 

Don't let problematic conveyor chains affect your production and operations. No matter what type of conveyor chain you require, our friendly professionals here at Mackchains are ready to help.


Mackchain takes pride in conveyor chain solutions that are safe to use, consistent in quality, and, most of all, designed to withstand heavy tasks. We have a vast range of conveyor chain sprocket designs that boast unparalleled performance when used in environments with heavy shock loads. We are the go-to name for all the good reason!



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