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When handling heavy and sensitive products, you need to make sure that you are using a machine that can carry them carefully and securely. This is a must especially when you are handling food items like meat. 


The way the meat is handled can affect its quality. If the equipment you use isn’t of high quality, your meat could get contaminated and lose its value. The conveyor chain sprocket design we have for the abattoir industry is made with materials that aren’t easily contaminated and aren’t prone to oxidation.

With Mackchain, our products can keep your good in great condition.  

In the abattoir industry, you can use the conveyor chain sprocket designed to carry around your meat from one place to the next. Industrial conveyor chains are used for bleeding and dressing meat. This is where Mackchain comes in. Our chains and sprockets can be used in many fields like the abattoir industry. We have conveyor chain and sprocket designs made from materials that can withstand wet and moist conditions. 

Movement and storage of meat have a lot of requirements, most particularly in hygiene. That is why, being a supplier of conveyor and roller chain in Australia, we make sure that our products are food-safe and easy to maintain.  

Raw meat is hard to handle. Especially if it hasn’t been chopped up yet. It's not easy moving around a huge hunk of beef. That is why you need heavy-duty conveyor chains and sprockets designed for carrying and moving around large products. You need equipment that can make your job so much easier. But not all chains are made equal. Some may look like they are made to carry weighty objects but aren’t actually that sturdy. 

At Mackchain, you can rest assured that our chains and sprockets can support the weight of your products without having to worry about their durability. 

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